About Us

SPINAL TOUCH makes it a priority for employees to attend continuing education courses on a yearly basis to ensure that patients are receiving up to date and focused care at all times. To provide services according to the specific concerns of a patient, we use a variety of techniques. Our primary focus involves providing preventative health care, spinal rehab and wellness to our patients.

Dr. Dev Sarathy

Dr. Dev Sarathy is a Chiropractor who has been practicing out of Mississauga since 2001 and has had an active practice in Scarborough since 2004.

Dr. Sarathy completed his Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology and Nutrition at the University of Toronto. He then went on to complete his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree at the New York Chiropractic College.

It has been the primary goal of the doctors at SPINAL TOUCH to continue learning through various courses to stay up to date with recent improvements in chiropractic therapy.


Our Mission

At Spinal Touch, we believe in taking a comprehensive approach to the overall health of each of our patients, rather than just providing temporary pain relief. The goal is not just to cure a problem but to get an individual back to their normal life with the healthiest version of them possible. To do this, we get to the real roots of your pain and try to solve it permanently by achieving a deeper understanding of your lifestyle.


Our Vision & Values

We aim to provide our clients with a complete recovery from their pain in the least amount of time possible. We understand the suffering chronic pain can cause our patients and aim to relieve it right from the first appointment.


Our Quality

Experience the best in chiropractic treatment from top practitioners. We focus on providing quality services to satisfy and aim at complete cure.

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